Which is Best, Being a Developer or Designer For a Better Career After Graduation?

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Which is Best, Being a Developer or Designer For a Better Career ?

Most of the engineers and other graduates face the same dilemma while doing their graduation. People often ask them what you want to become, a developer or a designer. Some might think that being a designer is a cool thing as they will get opportunities to build things for the internet and can use their creative side to do so. They will be doing the typography pairings, choosing the color schemes and will give the website a wow factor. For this one can also undergo Web Design Training in Jaipur. Some people might get allured by this, but there will be people who will see this as a huge mountain, and won’t be able to climb on it.

On the other hand, the second option is becoming a web developer, where you can build amazing websites as well as web apps and can make a lot of money. Though it involves coding, still it’s worth spending your time. Some people find it enticing whereas some consider this as boring. If you want to pursue your career in this, you can also go for Web development training in Jaipur or Mobile app training in Jaipur. Even there is a craze for PHP training in Jaipur which is quite useful in the development field.

Though these two things sound different, in reality, as you will start working or meeting more designers and developers, you will realize that there are a lot of things common in between them. The difference is about the working and the idea which one has about them. Keep reading and you will find out yourself, what we are trying to tell you.

  • The Myth ‘Which is tougher’

First, understand what exactly a web developer and designer do. People think that being a programmer is tougher than being a designer as it requires a lot of programming whereas some might think that being a designer is tough as it requires a lot of creativity. But it depends on your choice and your skills, your strengths and weaknesses will tell you which is the best option for you.  As in the start, everything seems tough.

  • Which options offer more money

At first, if you will see, you will think that web developers are the one who earns far better than a web designer. But once you go deep in your search and look for specific web design areas, you will find that their salaries are quite competitive.

It’s true that on average developers earn more than a designer but being a beginner in this field you need not worry about it. It will take time to get the hack of any of these two career options.

Both of them are lucrative in their own ways and have their own pros and cons, so it’s better to choose the one which interests you more rather than looking for the one which pays you more.

  • Web designers don’t code

This is a pure myth. Web designers do write codes in CSS and HTML and other languages as well. Though there are some which might not code but most web designers use these languages for creating best websites and apps. Web designers who have the skill set of SASS and JAVA SCRIPT are in high demand.

In case you are a beginner then it’s important for you to consider Web design training in Jaipur or PHP training in Jaipur or Mobile app training in Jaipur.

  • What do they do?

Now, after clearing your concept about web designers and web developers, let’s have a look at their work. What they really do.

Both designers and developers can build a site from scratch.  A designer is more efficient in planning whereas a developer has the skill of implementing designs in an efficient way. Still, both can build a fully functional site on their own. They both need to code on regular basis. As a team when they work, designers focus on user experience and planning whereas developers focus on the coding part of developing the website or app.

Photoshop, HTML, CSS, etc are some of the common skill sets which are required by both of them.

  • Time to analyze yourself

Now you know a brief about web designer and a web developer, it’s time to analyze yourself and choose the one, which fits you the best.

Web designers see the world in a visual way, like while giving directions they will tell turn left when you cross the big tree. They rely more on intuition and feelings, they love to create big ideas in reality and can easily imagine the whole picture.

Web developers have a more logical and scientific approach towards the world. For example, if they are lost somewhere they won’t look for a familiar landmark, they will open the GPS.

No matter what you choose, you will need proper guidance and training to polish your skills and to excel in the field. You can undergo Web development training in Jaipur or Web design training in Jaipur. Even one can prefer to have PHP training in Jaipur or Mobile app training in Jaipur as an added advantage


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