What skills you should have to become iOS developer in 2019

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What Skills you should have to become iOS developer in 2019?

With more than one billion iOS users across the world, becoming an iOS developer opens doors of opportunities for tech professionals. Be it ample of job opportunities or a high-paying salary check, a career as an iOS developer is gratifying in various senses.

Developing an app for iOS has come up as a very lucrative profession since last decade. All thanks go to the growing affinity of the crowd for the accuracy, speed, and versatility of iOS amongst the crowd. Be it mobile, laptop, or iPad, iOS has gained famed as one of the most preferred operating systems.

Though the career as iOS developer is bestowal on various fronts, it demands some special skills and regular polishing of pre-existing skills to stay relevant to the ever-changing world of the operating system. As we are going to bid adieu to the year 2018, here is a list of some key skills that every iOS developer needs to know to thrive in.

The must-have skills to become iOS developer

Just like any other profession; there are some must-have skills that every iOS developer should own regardless of the area of operations and interest.  Here is the list.

Programming language – Swift or Objective-C

Like humans, machines do have their own language and if you want to be a dependable iOS developer then you should learn the language of iOS.

In general, iOS understands Swift and Objective-C language. Apple released Swift, a general-purpose coding language, in the year 2014. Since then, it has been the backbone of almost every iOS product. Owing to its advanced safety and performance than Objective- C, Apple uses it for developing watchOS, iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Though it shares a lot of similarities with Objective – C, the previous programming language used by Apple, it gains an edge over its competitor for its unmatched simplified work process.  Professional can work simultaneously to develop gaming products as well as core application products.  Though this skill lays the foundation of your future as an iOS developer, learning it is a cake walk. You can simply join iOS training in Jaipur as learning it hassle-freely.

Xcode 10

The knowledge of Xcode 10 is another major requirement that every future iOS developer should meet. It is a source code editor platform that allows a developer to do desired modifications in the code in the most austere way. Not only this, the platform offers custom visualization and data analysis facility to the curious minds as well. It is a great skill to possess if you want to speed up the test suites process.

Cocoa Touch

As the fourth generation, Apple TV has made its entry in the world, Cocoa Touch is the skill that any iOS developer should acquire to be relevant to the approaching time. It is basically a UI framework that iOS developers use to create software compatible with iPhone, iPad, watchOS, tvOS, and iPod. It follows Model-View-Controller (MVC) software architecture and provides abstraction layer of iOS.


Each product demands a particular infrastructure to come into being. As an inspiring iOS developer, you need to know UIKit as it provides that desired infrastructure.


Application these days needs to be competent enough to execute multiple commands at a time. iOS users want to have such app in their phones. As an iOS developer, you should be capable enough to shape such apps and thread is your only solace.  With this, one developer can easily learn how to execute multiple code paths within a single application. It is not the very complicated and lengthy skill to learn. Few sessions of iPhone training in Jaipur will suffice the purpose diligently.


Well, the year ahead is going to be the year of bug-free, fast and highly responsive iOS apps. For that matter, there is a deep need to do regress software. Being an iOS developer, you should have some hands-on experiences in XC testing. The testing helps you to meet the need of the hour and develop speedy apps.

Some additional skills to become iOS developer

Developing iOS apps are not an easy job.  To be a master of this trade, you need to have some additional skills:

Knowledge of in-app purchase integration

The current iOS apps offer way more than free features. They are highly advanced and offer some paid services as well.  To offer that service in your app, you need to know how to integrate in-app purchase in your app. If you have knowledge of that skill then you can easily include premium content, subscriptions, and digital goods in your apps earn extra bucks.

Knowledge of Automatic Reference Counting

There is a lot of store in your iPhone. Thus, iOS users want devices with a great memory. However, providing memory space is not sufficient. You need to know how to do intelligent memory management as well. Automatic Reference Counting or ARC is the memory management system that Apple uses in its devices. Thus, if you have ample the astuteness of this skill then you is surely going to build great iOS apps with a great memory.


Developing an app take a lot of efforts. In the world where things are highly prone to data loss and data to steal, it is very necessary that you should know how to safely secure your app data. iCloud for the developer is an additional skill that each developer should learn to store the app data securely. In addition, it allows your app users to gain the app data at any point in time as well.


Want to build a native app? Then learn the Xamarin the platform allows any developer to build apps that are responsive and native. Whether you are an iOS developer or an Android developer, this skill is what you need to stay ahead of time. Android training in Jaipur with Xamarin will help you to learn this skill easily.


Though Java is the programming language used for Android apps, having knowledge of it is important to make you separate from your junior candidates. Learning Java is simple and as easy as clapping provided you join the best Android training in Jaipur. The programming knowledge of this programming language is also important to expand your horizon. As of now, iOS apps are leading the way. But, the future is unpredictable and Android apps can bounce back soon. Why limit your capabilities?

Why you should become an iOS developer?

Well, there are ample reasons to opt this as a career. If you talk the monetary reason then let us tell you, iOS developers can easily fetch an average salary of approximately Rs. 4.5 Lakh per year. The figure keeps on increasing as your skills and experience increases. Even, people can go to Western countries like the USA and Canada after getting iPhone training in Jaipur and explore a whole new world of opportunities. The average salary of an iOS developer in the USA is $126,750 which is way more than expectations.

If we talk opportunities then there are millions of jobs floating in the market. At present, there are around 2.2 billion apps available on Apple Play Store and many more are on their way to build.

So, get yourself enrolled for iOS training in Jaipur and explore the whole new world of opportunities.


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