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Want to Earn 15k After Completing B.Tech in CS or IT? Come to Us, We Will Teach You

With time B.Tech in Computer Science or Information Technology has lost its charm. Just 5 years ago, these two were the most popular branches amongst all the B.Tech Programs. According to a recent study by AICTE, more than 8 lakh engineering students graduate in a year in India from various technical institutes, amongst which 60% remain unemployed. There are more than 3,200 institutes, amongst which only 15% are affiliated with NBA. Less than 1% of the students take their summer internship seriously.

The whole reason B.Tech is losing its charm because of the increasing rate of unemployment. That is the reason even the seats in engineering courses have reduced from 16.3 lakh to 14.7 from 2013-14 to 2017 respectively.

Some of the reasons why B.Tech in CS or IT lost its charm are mentioned below:

  • Experts say the poor growth of IT and software industry is the major reason why students are not taking these courses anymore.
  • Less growth opportunities, fewer jobs, and unattractive salary packages are other reasons why students are interested in other courses.
  • Though the number of technical institutes has increased in India, the quality of education has deteriorated.
  • College infrastructure is poor, inexperienced poor faculty members, no research activities, lack of focus on placement etc.
  • Lack of skill up-gradation programs
  • Gap between the industry requirement and students knowledge.

The curriculum of B.Tech includes a lot of subjects to teach students theoretical knowledge but they are not at all focused on providing practical knowledge. Teachers are not able to develop the required skill sets in students which are required by industries to hire them.

Being a software engineer, employers expect them to have knowledge of various languages so that they can hire them as a developer, coder, tester, designer, etc. But the bookish knowledge is creating a huge gap for students which they are not able to fulfil, therefore, remain unemployed. Only a few colleges are focused on enhancing the skills of an engineering student, not all, which results in the higher rate of unemployment.

Now the question is how to fill the gap after completing B.Tech in CS or IT. The best way to do so is by undergoing short-term courses offered by XtreemHeights to add value and to get a job and start earning as soon as possible.

How can XtreemHeights help a CS or IT engineer in getting the best job after completing B.Tech?

After completing your B.Tech, if you are still struggling to get a job, it’s time to bridge the gap between your skill sets and what an employer is looking for. To build the gap, we are offering short-term courses such as Android development training in Jaipur, PHP training, Digital Marketing courses and much more.

Visit our training center in Jaipur now can avail another chance to enhance your skills and get a decent job.

We offer courses such as:

  • Android Development: With time demand of Android apps have increased which lead to the demand of Android developers. At Xtreemheights, we provide the best Android development training in Jaipur. Get certified as an Android developer and get your dream job easily.
  • CodeIgniter: It is one of the frameworks which is gaining immense popularity in the recent time. It is an open source PHP framework and is quite in demand by the employers. You can avail the best CodeIgniter training in Jaipur at XtreemHeights.
  • Digital Marketing: In today’s time, employers are looking for people who are well-versed with SEO technologies and know how to use them. The pay scale for a digital marketer is quite handsome. XtreemHeights provide the best SEO training in Jaipur.
  • iOS Training in Jaipur: The mobile world is divided between Android and iPhone users. The need for iOS developers is increasing day by day. Employers are looking for people who have the knowledge of iOS platform. We are the best iOS app development center in Jaipur.
  • JAVA certification: JAVA is known as one of the strongest platforms for the web as well as mobile development. Companies are looking for people who are expert in JAVA. Most of the engineering students lack the knowledge and expertise in JAVA. XtreemHeights is the best Java training center in Jaipur. We know the current scenario and accordingly, we provide learning to our students. So that there won’t be any gap in their skills and the requirements of the company
  • Web development: We are the best Web Development training center in Jaipur. We know the market trend and accordingly provide learning to our students. We have the best faculty to teach you web development and designing. You choose to learn about various databases, languages, platforms which will be useful while developing and designing any website.

XtreemeHeights also offers few Capsule courses which include more than one course in it. For example, Framework Capsule will cover all the frameworks including the Laravel, Zend, PHP, CakePHP, Yii, etc. In the same way, you can choose the JAVA capsule to learn core and advanced JAVA, JAVA EE, JAVA SE, JavaFX, JAVA ME, etc. Instead of learning one single language or framework or technology, you can opt for a capsule course and get all the knowledge. It will enhance your resume and will help you in getting better job opportunities. Visit our centers, have a word with our executives, know about the courses, then choose the appropriate course as per your interest and start building your career in it.

We want to provide knowledge and improve the skill sets of engineering students so that they can easily get a job and start their earning. Once the gap will be reduced, employers will start getting what they are looking for; the unemployment rate might also get reduced.


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