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Laravel Training Course

It doesn't matter if you are working on an individual basis or in a group for a development project, unless and until you deliver something fresh and unique, you will not sustain for long in the industry. One such latest technology that has come as a fresh air to the developers is Laravel.

Laravel is an open source framework that uses the model- view- controller model of architecture to help the developers try and build something interesting every time. Therefore, you can imagine the popularity of such developers in the industry who knows how to use this amazing technology.

XtreemHeights is one of the leading Institutes that can provide you with the detailed training of Laravel and can make you a professional with this technology. The experienced staff here, always make sure that they use the right teaching method that can help the students to understand the details of the course.

One such method that we have tried is by designing the course outlet that covers every detail of the course ranging from the simple introduction, creation of form, authentication, working on databases to the advanced level of the concepts like security parameters, testing, debugging, Ajax JOuery, etc. The course has been designed so that all the details can be learned by the students.

We also make sure that our students are learning the details perfectly and for that, we evaluate their learning by taking timely tests after the completion of every module. We also conduct a final test after the completion of the entire course.

Once the students have successfully qualified the test, they need to submit a final project after which they are given a training completion certificate. The training completion certificate can be used by the students to crack the interviews and get them placed in a reputed company.

Why Should Students Choose Us?

We have been able to gain a reputed name in the industry after our consistent efforts and innovative approach in teaching our students. We make sure that we provide our students with the best teaching help so that they can learn the basics of the course in the easiest way.

Some of our distinguishing highlights are as follow:

  • Experts from the web development company have designed our course outlet
  • We have made sure to provide the in-depth study material to our students
  • We help the students in their final project
  • We make sure to let them turn their ideas in reality in our specially designed lab facilities
  • Our teaching team has all the experienced and well-trained staffs
  • We make sure to place our students in the leading names in the industries
  • 100% placement assistance is what you can expect from us
  • We help students understand all the concepts without any difficulty
  • Use of real time examples in the teaching methods helps the students to be fully aware about the details
  • Training certificate can be used by the students to talk about their professional excellence


Module 1 [ Setting Up and Installing Laravel]
  • Introduction
  • Installing Laravel as a git submodule
  • Configuring Laravel
Module 2 [Using Laravel with Sublime Text 2]
  • Setting up IDE
  • Autoloader to map a class name
  • Using Forms and Gathering Input
  • Introduction
  • Creating a simple form
  • Gathering form input to display on another page
  • Validating user input
  • Creating a file uploader
  • Validating a file uploader
  • Creating a custom error message
  • Adding a honey pot to a form
  • Uploading an image using Redactor
  • Cropping an image using Jcrop
  • Creating an autocomplete text input
  • Making a CAPTCH-style spam catcher
Module 3 [Authenticating Your Application ]
  • Introduction
  • Setting up configuring the Auth library
  • Creating an authentication system
  • Retrieving and updating user info after logging in
  • Restricting access to certain pages
  • Setting up OAuth with the HybridAuth package
  • Logging in using Facebook credentials
  • Logging in using Twitter credentials
  • Logging in using LinkedIn
Module 4 [Storing and Using Data]
  • Introduction
  • Creating data tables using migrations and schemas
  • Querying using raw SQL statement
  • Querying using Fluent
  • Querying using Eloquent ORM
  • Using automatic validation in models
  • Using advanced Eloquent and relationships
  • Creating a CRUD system
  • Importing a CSV using Eloquent
  • Using RSS as a data source
  • Using attributes() to change table columns names
  • Using a non-Eloquent ORM in Laravel
Module 5 [Using Controllers and Routes for URLs and APIs]
  • Introduction
  • Creating a basic controller
  • Creating a route using a closure
  • Making the controller RESTful
  • Using advanced routing
  • Using a filter on the route
  • Using route groups
  • Building a RESTful API with routes
  • Using named routes
  • Using a subdomain in your route
Module 6 [Displaying Your Views]
  • Introduction
  • Creating and using a basic view
  • Passing data into a view
  • Loading a view into another view/nested views
  • Adding assets
  • Creating a view using Blade
  • Using TWIG templates
  • Utilizing advanced Blade usage
  • Creating localization of content
  • Creating menus in Laravel
  • Integrating with Bootstrap
  • Using named views and view composers
Module 7 [Creating and Using Composer Packages]
  • Introduction
  • Downloading and installing packages
  • Using the Generators package to set up an app
  • Creating a Composer package in Laravel
  • Adding your Composer package to Packagist
  • Adding a non-Packagist package to Composer
  • Creating a custom artisan command
Module 8 [Using Ajax and JQuery]
  • Introduction
  • Getting data from another page
  • Setting up a controller to return JSON data
  • Creating an AJAX search function
  • Creating and validating a user using AJAX
  • Filtering data based on checkbox selection
  • Making an Ajax newsletter sign-up box
  • Sending an e-mail using Laravel and JQuery
  • Creating a sortable table using JQuery and Laravel
Module 9 [Using Security and Sessions Effective]
  • Introduction
  • Encrypting and decrypting data
  • Using Redis to save sessions
  • Using basic sessions and cookies
Module 10 [Testing and Debugging Your App]
  • Introduction
  • Setting up and configuring PHPUnit
  • Writing and running a test case
Module 11 [Deploying and Integrating Third-party Services into Your Application]
  • Introduction
  • Creating a queue and using Artisan to run it
  • Deploying a Laravel app to Pagoda Box


  • 80 Hours of Learning
  • 2 Months
  • 1 Live Project
  • Training Certificate
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