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How to Find Best Profession as a Career In 2020

Everyone wants to make a bright and shiny future and wants more & more money. So first find the interest in which field you want to proceed. Yes agree, at times its a little bit difficult task to choose the career profession but if you are thinking according to your interest then definitely you will be able to make better decisions. Just focus on your interest, you have to find your basic interest and put all the efforts to make it possible whatever you want to become.

This difficulty arises when you are pursuing graduation or final year student. If you are the students of Btech, MCA, MSC, etc. students, then definitely correlate the things here easily.

At times happens, you are pursuing your BTech and your interest may develop in the marketing field, this is common. So first find the interest and do accordingly. Now the question is how to find the interest? And it is possible that your interest will pay you or not?

Do you like to play games on a computer or mobile? Do you know that programming languages are used in creating those games?

If you have a curiosity to grab this kind of information or you are enjoying the programming language C, C++ language when you are creating the code in your classroom or you are willing to collect the stuff then congratulation you are becoming a good future in the engineering field.

“Good knowledge of programming languages is the key to success in this discipline”.

In the analysis curriculum of software technology, the study comprises of different programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Dot Net, C#, etc. These programming languages have been used to design unique kinds of software, applications & games, etc. Firstly if you want to create a career in this field then you have to command on these particular programming languages. So choose wisely according to the interest or command. Like an individual become a software engineer after qualifying the fulltime professional course in a related area.

  • Specializations
  • Software Engineering Tools
  • Software Development Process
  • Software Testing
  • Software Design
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Quality
  • Software Development
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Software Engineering Management

Applications engineering is perfect for those candidates who have creative minds and wish to come up with something new with all the latest technology. Today’s trending, computer software technology is playing an important role in virtually every sector. A software engineer applies the principles of software engineering in designing, development, maintenance, and testing of applications. Software Engineers may look at unique kinds of applications including video games, applications for companies & working systems.

The same application on another field also. Every job needs an appropriate tool for the type of role. The programming language ability is dependent very much on the job role. But several programming languages have a demand in a majority of job roles.

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The list of best 7 programming languages that will help you earn more in 2020


As per the survey by Analytics India Magazine in 2019, 48% of respondents say that Python is the best language for Data Scientist. Almost 75 percent of those respondents are talking about the importance of Python in data science. It is not hard to learn and comes with a simple syntax and tutorials for beginners. It is specially designed for data science and machine learning and has a GUI-based desktop program.


It is most popularly used to design interactive frontend applications. It’s a frontend language that can be employed in many popular web frameworks such as AngularJS, Node.js in addition to React.js. It has rich interface versatility and a single programming language for server-side and client-side scripts.

Most startups are utilizing NodeJS which is a JavaScript-based run-time environment. The vast majority of websites today use JS as their frontend, a few popular examples of that are YouTube, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, and Amazon.


Developed by Apple in 2014, it is the most popular language for mobile platforms. It supports almost everything that is ranging from the programming language to the Objective-C and mainly designed for usage in Linux and Mac applications.

It’s used in several iOS programs such as Mozilla Firefox, WordPress, SoundCloud and Flappy Bird game.


PHP developers can embed the code in server-side programming language perfectly into HTML code during the Script tag. It plays an integral part in web programming and server-side scripting. If you want to become PHP developer then it is also the better option for you.  It’s an extensive array of the open-source frame, although not as popular as Python and JavaScript PHP developers are still needed in large amounts. WordPress, Wikipedia, and Yahoo use PHP


Java, owned by Oracle Corporation, is the next most popular option in massive organizations. It is used by many organizations and used in android app development. There are more than 3 billion devices that are running applications that are built with the help of the java language.


The OOP terminology is quite much in high demand, particularly for startups. It is a general-purpose scripting language so it’s used in web applications, web servers, system utilities, database function, and backups.

Airbnb, CrunchBase, GitHub are some of the popular platforms that use Ruby.


Made by Microsoft, It is one of the most effective programming languages at the Dot NET framework. It requires help from an integrated development environment product that’s Microsoft Visual C++.

Big companies such as Accenture, Infosys, Netflix, and Capital want C# programmers. The C# is used in several backend operations of several popular sites such as Dell, Bing, Visual Studio and Market Watch.

Let’s discuss the hottest job in 2020.

Which profession is best as a career and pays high paying Jobs in 2020?

Software Developer

Computers, robots and mobile devices are useless without the well-engineered applications. Mobile app development is considered among the greatest professions for 2020 and beyond. If you want to become IOS developer then this is the best option for you, the yearly pay for application software developers in 2018 was $103,620.3. So you can imagine the figure of this field job in 2020.

Data Analyst

Organizations of each type now can gather so much detailed information and it is becoming more and more challenging for a whole lot of them to determine what it means. They want professionals that can’t just collect the data they want, but also identify patterns, identify past and current trends, and forecast future probabilities. The median salary for data analysts is 58,987.5

Digital marketing encompasses more roles and abilities than ever before, and it’s this flexible, versatile nature of the company that makes it so fascinating and exciting.

Digital Marketing

There is a wide selection of digital marketing and advertising tasks available in the market. Also, there is a massive variety of career options

  • Mobile marketing
  • Search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization )
  • Search engine optimization (SEM)
  • Social media
  • E-commerce
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Content management
  • Internet development
  • Web design
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Analytics
  • Business/marketing strategy

To start your career it’s a fantastic idea to start in the digital marketing field, also grab more opportunities.

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What digital skills are in demand?

93% of internet activity starts with a search engine while about 80% of Americans make an online purchase at least once a month. Anyone who wants to start his/her career in digital marketing or leading business needs to have a basic understanding of digital advertising to be able to convert clients.

There are lots of people who are actively looking for a job in this field. But every organization needs a talent one or who has good knowledge of digital marketing.

Content marketing and anyone who have the technical experience to analyze these routines will be an important asset, become more complex with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

So, you understand what digital marketing is and what the demand is, what are the benefits?

You have heard of the digital skills gap, right? From 2020, 2 million new digital jobs are anticipated from the U.K. alone and not enough electronic professionals to fill them.

As digitization continues across industries, companies across the world from start-ups to establish corporate are trying to find digital professionals with relevant experience.

Digital Content Specialist

One of the trending fields becoming more dynamic, digital and interactive also on-demand media. Because of digital devices that keep continuously connected to virtually any kind of information. Organizations in every industry generating new electronic content are becoming an important factor in today’s digital world. That is why electronic content experts are in high demand, especially with the rising popularity of remote operate and freelance gigs.

Blockchain Developer

You have heard of the electronic cryptocurrency named Bitcoin, yes? But how much do you know about the technology that makes it possible? Blockchain technology functions as a distributed cryptographic ledger that can make economic and other types of transactions decentralized, quicker, and much more private.

That is why professionals know how to create practical services and products with blockchain technologies will likely be in large demand into the future.

3D-Printing Technician

As this technology advances, 3D-printing machines may become just as commonplace as refrigerators and microwaves. Localized 3D-printing manufacturers in each town may ultimately replace large remote factories. So technicians who focus on keeping 3D-printing gear will likely be in growing demand.

Augmented Reality Developer

Is the actual world too boring? Does this need some visual enhancements that provide more information or entertainment value? That is why they’re creating ways to digital images and using special eyeglasses, bionic contact lenses, or alternative technology. Augmented reality could finally have a major effect on everybody’s personal and professional lives since it will probably touch each market, occasion, and people space. So augmented reality developers are needed to intelligently design and plan the safe and efficient use of the technology.


These will be the hottest job in 2020 but choose according to your interest not only focus on money. Want to become very successful in a particular field then take classes online or offline that is suitable for you. There are a lot of courses are available in the market or the internet, research properly then take a decision.


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