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The Easiest Way to Learn Coding Online

If time and location is your main concern and still you want to learn coding, learn coding online is the best option for you. And when you decide to go for online learning, you basically have two options. Let’s have a look at each of them:

Video Tutorials:

There are hundreds of websites, both free and paid, that teach you coding through videos. There are also two different formats in this segment, one is those videos that are recorded in live classes and second are those that are especially created for the students. Each of them is effective in teaching but all you need to make sure is that you can grasp what they teach.

Learn Coding Online

In the first format, training institutes generally record their live classes which they conduct for their students. Such videos are not crafted for e-learning thus they may miss the practical part of the training. However, these videos have a clear benefit – they are generally free and can be easily found online. Also, since these videos are recorded in the front of real people, they are more descriptive and easy to understand.

Second are those videos that are specially designed for e-learning. As the video creators are aware of the fact that the learners will need the theory as well as practical sessions, these videos contain sufficient amount of practical teaching with live coding and other resources. However, these videos are generally not free, because they are generally published by online training institutes. And due to this reason, you may have to pay a subscription fee to learn coding online.

Mentor-based Training:

If you need someone who guides you throughout the learning program, mentor based training is all you need. In this type of training, you have a mentor on your computer screen and teaching you in the same way a real-life tutor would do. You have any doubts, you may ask and get the solution right away. Apparently, this is a great way of learning because you enjoy the benefits of real-life learning without struggling with your busy schedule.

Learn Coding Online

Again, mentor-based training is never free and you may have to pay a one-time fee or per-hour fee to learn programming. However, you get the value for the money and time you spend.

Now when we have two of the most popular ways to learn programming online, it is up to you to decide which format is better for you. if you want to learn programming for free, you may go with free videos. But make sure that you select a channel that has tutorials for every class and has the description you require. And if you are willing to pay for learning, go for mentor-based training.

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