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Complete Guide for Summer Internship

“Internship is like footprints in sand,

Each step taken shows the reality of a journey taken…..” summer internship sometimes becomes a tough task for many students. Not because they don’t find a place to get training, they are confused about the type of training. Many of them just take the certificates from some company and sit ideally at home while there are some who work day and night just to learn something new, to get jobs. Some of the students go for paid internship in various institutes. Now the question arises, is it worth to do paid summer training? Should we try to learn something new in training? Which are all languages worth studying for job perspective? What are all skills entailed in the programmer? The answer to all these questions are given below:

Preferred type of training:

Many students in opt for choosing a kind of training in which they sit ideally and get the certificate at home. Meanwhile, they go and earn some money through skills which they already know. Do you think this kind of training well for your future? Of course, not at all, this is the perfect time to learn even if you need to pay some money for your training.

Mostly those who want to be a developer, programmer in future need to learn a programming language from an institute or a company. Whether it is paid or free service, it is adequate if you learn some language and not waste time. There are many companies who provide training along with live project learning. Working on live projects is important during your industrial training. This time will be just like learning ropes before your first job and a phase to begin careers. If you are planning to start a career after final year, then just think about the software advancements after 2 years. To get well positioned and thrive, you should start learning from now.

What should all languages be chosen during Training?

Is it a right time to learn java, PHP or restrict me to the basics C, C++?

Or Should I try something like Android or iOS App Development?

There are many blogs where you will find preferring some course and others have disparate choices. Here we want to be neutral not supporting any course. The truth is that course is good or bad, one should choose courses which fit them. Details of the best training courses available for students are:

1. PHP and MySQL Training: “For beginners, the best is PHP and MySQL because it will boost your programming skills”. It will develop the skill set to you and take to the advance levels of programming. PHP is whole and sole depending on the programming of websites & applications and MySQL makes you comprehend the knowledge of databases.

2. Training for C and C++: When it is about basics, then C and C++ is on the top since decades. It has been outdated language since the passage of time and somewhat boring language. Maybe you lose interest while learning this course.

3. Training in JAVA: This language uses a concept of C++ but yes for industries it is the most popular language. It uses classes and data encapsulation schemes for programming which is quite tough if don’t have strong basics.

4. Training in ASP.Net: This course is an intermediate level so advisable not be taken if you don’t have strong basics. This language is used for commercial software development. If you compare JAVA and ASP.Net then it is suggestible to opt JAVA will you want to take a switch in APP development.

5. Training in Networking: CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is the certified training program for networking professionals. This course doesn’t require as such, programming knowledge rather you should know basic things like OSI Reference Model, Networking Protocols, Routing Concepts and Protocols, and Wide-Area Networking (WAN) etc.

Other Alternatives for training:

1. Web Designing: It is all about the art of pixels and can be mastered with practice. There is no need for extreme technical knowledge as such. In this course, you are taught HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Responsive Web Designing, Jquery etc.

2. Digital Marketing: These days there is a high scope for digital marketing. This course includes SMO, PPC, SEO and Content Writing. There is no need for any technical knowledge for this course, all required is to learn the concepts you are being taught.


Better than crippling and saying “I have poor programming skills” read about the basics and join a course where you can work on the live project because practical knowledge is always better than theoretical knowledge. Never blame your teachers or mentors for bad learning and go for conceptual, practical training in the institutes like XtreemHeights.


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