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CakePHP Training in Jaipur

PHP has been the most popular framework for development over the years. But with changing time more and more companies are moving to the more advanced level of PHP, which is CakePHP, which falls under ‘PHP Framework Training in Jaipur.' CakePHP is an open-source platform for development that is rising in popularity in the development companies. It is accepted worldwide as a development platform after PHP.

‘XtrremHeights' is the most popular CakePHP Training Center in Jaipur that helps the students to get the detailed knowledge about this trending concept. We have covered the entire topic of CakePHP in different modules which make it easy for the students to understand each and every module in detail. We provide in depth knowledge to the students about the basic and advanced concepts of CakePHP covering the introduction to the concept followed by the training sessions, coaching, helpers, and projects.

After the completion of the course, the students will present their learning in the form of a final project. The student's learning will be evaluated after every module and they will be given a final test after the training to be sure they learned each thing perfectly. A completion training certificate will be given to the students which will help them during the time of interview and during the selection in companies.

If you too want to Learn CakePHP Development and want to get its benefits in enhancing your career, then XtreemHeights is the right place which will do complete justice to your desire of learning and exploring this growing technology. ‘Enroll Now' with us and give your career a much-needed boost. We are the right choice to make your career shine with CakePHP training.


Module 1 [Introduction]
  • Introduction to CakePHP
  • Understanding the MVC Pattern
  • Models, Controllers, View, How it works?
Module 2 [Configuration]
  • Configuration cakePHP
  • Setting up cakephp with apache environment eg:enable mod_rewrite, configuring Cake to work with database, running cake for the first time.
Module 3 [Convestion]
  • Cake Convestion
  • Naming convention for models, controllers, views and database tables
Module 4 [Models]
  • Models
  • Creating up model for a database table, retrieving data, saving and updating data, deleting data, user defined functions in models,data valdation
Module 5 [Controllers]
  • Controllers
  • Creating controllers, controller function, interacting with model, interacting with views, controller variables & parameters,redirection, getting post data
Module 6 [Views]
  • Views
  • Working and configuring layouts, creating custom layouts, elements and helpers
Module 7 [Session]
  • Cake Session
  • Storing data in cake session, reading a session data data, delete data from session
Module 8 [Helpers]
  • Helpers
  • Javascript, Ajax
Module 9 [Caching]
  • Caching
  • Working with cache, activating cache, enable cache within controller, marking content that is not to be cached, clearing cache
Module 10 [Project]
  • Real Life Project
Why Choose Us?

We are the leading training institute that can provide you an in-depth knowledge about the widely accepted course of CakePHP. We have a team of experts that will provide you the complete knowledge about the course. Our dedicated and expert coaching team will help you solve all your doubts regarding the course with their expert advice.

The years of experience of our teaching staff is our one of the strongest pillars that makes us the most popular training Institute of CakePHP. We make sure to cover each and every aspect of the course under our course modules so that the students learn each and every detail of the course.

We also help the student in their final project that they can add to their professional experience. The experienced faculty guides the students at each step and makes it their priority to provide the students nothing less than the best knowledge.

Some of our highlights are as follow:
  • Thoroughly developed course modules
  • Expert guidance at each step
  • Updated technologies for the completion of real time projects
  • Proper explanation of each module with real life examples
  • In-depth study material of the course
  • Regular test assignments for evaluating the learning of the students
  • Providing all the latest software and equipment for lab facility
  • Provides a training completion certificate for student's professional experience
  • 100% placement assistance to the students
Benefits of the Course:
  • Knowledge about the latest and growing technology
  • Help in easy adoption of the current demand
  • Easily meeting the company's requirements
  • Opening ample number of career opportunities


  • 80 Hours of Learning
  • 2 Months
  • 1 Live Project
  • Training Certificate
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