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Blockchain Training Institute & Course in Jaipur

Nowadays, Technology has been changed day by day. Even Technology changes the way we connect, engage and improve the world around us. Most of the time, these innovations are used in a way that we couldn’t have imagined, allowing us to make updated version of yourself, faster, smarter and more efficiently than ever.  Blockchain is a trending topic and it is one of the hottest topics today. Everyone wants to learn new skills but if we talked about the students,  are really very excited to learn exactly what is Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Etc. If you are someone who wants to grab the practical knowledge of Blockchain Technology, congratulation you win the half battle here! Xtreem Heights provides the best opportunity to learn Blockchain concepts. Xtreem Heights Providing Best Professional Blockchain training courses in Jaipur. Xtreem Height covers all the modules which is present in the Blockchain Technology.

Part 1: Blockchain

The Blockchain training institute in Jaipur can help you understand the concept of Blockchain Technology the purchasing and selling of Bitcoin with other Cryptocurrencies. Blockchain Technology is the new Technology for the new type of internet where data could be distributed but not shared. The blockchain is currently going into the IT sector and thus it's quickly emerging from theory to reality. Blockchain certification training in Jaipur will help you to achieve new heights in your professional career. There are lots of courses are present in Blockchain Technology, have a look at these blockchain courses.

Module 1: Cryptocurrency

  • About Crypto Currency and types
  • Difference between other currencies
  • Distrubted network, ledger
  • Hash Code, Digital signature

Module 2: Introduction to Blockchain

  • Blockchain in detail, structure and mechanism
  • Mining, decentralized database
  • Distributed ledger
  • Private and public block chain

Module 3: Bitcoin

  • About bitcoin, network structure and transaction system
  • Mining of bitcoin
  • Bitcoin transactions
  • Bitcoin script
  • Node and network
  • Security

Module 4: Ethereum

  • Ethereum and bitcoin
  • ICO, smart contract, digital wallet,token
  • Difference between Ethereum and bitcoin

Module 5: Development (One Project on Test network)

  • Make Own currency on Ethereum
  • Use of truffle
  • How to start own ICO
  • White listing, white listed wallet
  • Use of Meta mask
  • Assign roles using admin

Why Xtreem Heights is Best Blockchain training institute in Jaipur

Xtreem Heights which is a best Blockchain training institute in Jaipur covers all these Modules in their courses. This is a great opportunity for those students who really want to passionate about Learn Blockchain Technology. Firstly we need to understand that, Blockchain is not a database but a community. On this particular system, users can handle, restore and adjust new entrances. After this, the records have been listed permanently and system administrators from deleting documents at any moment. A blockchain generates one unique version of this fact which will be readily shared with community members finally saving time and reducing additional work. Become a Blockchain Expert? Xtreem Heights is the best platform they will provide you a proper Tech knowledge regarding all the Blockchain Technology. So now the question is, how this course will help you? This course will help you in a great way, you can enhance your knowledge, once you join this course you will get to know how Blockchain technology is important in our digital world. And apart from this, you earn more, following your passion, boosting your confidence. If you really want to explore your career in Blockchain Technology then you should join Blockchain courses in Jaipur. It is one of the best Blockchain Courses in Jaipur and this course will help you a lot to achieve your heights. This Blockchain technology training institute is conducted by the Xtreem Heights.

Part 2: Advance Blockchain(2 Live projects)

  • Parity
  • Integration with web
  • API’s
  • Web3 Js

Benefits to become Blockchain developer

  • Bright Future
  • Enjoy with work on latest technology
  • Great salary packages
  • Certified in blockchain

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  • 3 Months
  • 2 Hours Per Day
  • Training Certificate
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