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3 Ways Photoshop Can Make you a Magician

Do you know how the magic happens? You need to be a magician, learn some magic tricks, practice them for many years, master the art, and then perform it in front of people. There is a rabbit – and boom! The rabbit has disappeared. Simple, isn’t it?

And then there is another method, a bit less complicated but much more effective. You learn Photoshop, you start practicing with it, you use a few tools to create virtually anything you want. The new definition of magic is Photoshop. Today, almost everything that we see on the internet has gone through the brushes of Photoshop. People call it web designing but we call it Magic 2.0. After all, it takes a magician to change the appearance of a person, make an ugly thing look damn beautiful and make those constant things revolve around each other.

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With Photoshop, you can do an array of interesting things. You might have never visited the US, but you can still post a picture enjoying delicious cuisines at the Time Square or shaking hands with Obama. Okk, this would look a bit fake, but what about giving your face a sexier hairstyle, which your parents might not permit you to have in real life? It will look original, and it will look beautiful. Making a dude impression in front of your friends has become way too easy!

But why you should do that? What are the benefits? Everyone doesn’t want to post Photoshopped pictures on Facebook. It’s not cool anymore. Bingo. There is another reason you may choose to play with Photoshop – it pays you. Yes, learning how to use Photoshop could be a rewarding career. If you are good with modifying or correcting pictures, you have a bunch of options to make money. If you add some technical flavor to it, you are good to be a web designer. And let’s not forget – a web designer is one of the highest paid professionals in the IT world. So directly or indirectly, Photoshop will put some extra money in your pocket.

Have you ever heard about Freelancing? Essentially, it’s kind of a job away from the job. You are free to work per your own schedule and you have to choice to work with people you like. The better part is – it pays you some handsome money. Now be ready to jump off your seat – Photoshop players are most demanded professionals for freelance works. There are millions, if not billions, people in the world who need someone creative and skilled enough to design their pictures, products or websites, and they are happy to pay the money you desire.
So chances are high, if you are a Photoshop player, you will make that extra money which will be huge, in six figures at least.

But above everything, Photoshop designers are not employees – they are artists. They have the creativity to create something extraordinary with an ordinary concept. It takes a huge level of creativity to play with Photoshop. If you have that, you are better than everyone else. If you don’t, Photoshop is not for you – let’s not discuss about web designing.

But as said earlier, you need to learn the magic tricks before you start showing the magic. You need to learn Photoshop before you can actually start playing around it. Grab the chance, learn Photoshop – not just for a bright future, but to feed the creative artist in you. After all, you are the one in millions who have that art and creativity in blood!


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