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Here Are 10 Reasons to Learn Android Programming

We are living in the world where Smartphones are ruling the tech world, and Google’s Android is ruling the Smartphone world. Android is powering almost 300 brands of Smartphone, 90 brands of tablets and 3 E-Readers. Every single day, around 1.5 million new Android devices are activated. And the App Store has around 1.5 million apps with the number increasing very swiftly.

It is well said that we should focus on the small piece of a big pie. Google Android is that big pie, and being an Android app developer is that small piece through which you may contribute to this marketplace. If you are planning to enter the tech world as a developer, nothing can be better than making your career as an Android developer.

Here are 10 solid reasons to learn Android programming and giving your career a jumpstart:

Reason 1 – It’s Open Source:

As a person who has no or very little idea about what open source technologies are, let me make it clear for you. An open source technology is one where you are allowed to use the technology for free. This has very many benefits. As a developer, you do not have to spend anything to learn or code the programming language, and as a company, you do not have to pay to use the source code. This is the reason why most of the businesses and web development companies prefer working with open source technologies.

Android is an open source platform, which means, you have the access to everything you need and you may create anything you want. Learn it, code it, use it, sell it. There is no one asking you.

Reason 2 – It’s Fastest Growing Technology:


Image Credit – edureka

With Smartphones getting smarter, the scope of development in Android programming is sure to touch new heights. In fact, we can say that the current stage is just the beginning for Android and there is much more to happen in forthcoming years. Apparently, this is the time one should make himself future ready.

Reason 3 – Google Play Store is the Largest App Market:

Image Credit - statista

Image Credit – statista

With over 2.2 million active apps and thousands of new being added every single day, Google Play Store has the potential that no one else has. The better part is – if you are good with app development, you have multiple channels of earning. Play Store pays you for your apps and you may also make money with your apps.

Reason 4 – Huge Demand in Job Markets:

Web development is so last year. This is the time of mobile apps. Every web development company, or last-year web development company, has entered into app development industry and these companies need skilled Android developers to create those apps. Apparently, there is no lack of opportunities for an Android app developer when it comes to find a job. You have that skills, and companies will do anything to hire you.

Reason 5 – Handsome Salaries:

Image Credit - edureka

Image Credit – edureka

Android developers top the list of highest paid professionals in IT industry. With a whopping 6-digit salary within a couple of years, it’s sure to give your career the extra shine and life that extra luxury. Why wait for years after years to reach that desired milestone when you can get there within a couple of years?

Reason 6 – Earning through Apps:

Around 60% of the apps in Google Play Store are free, but think about other 40%. Yes, Google allows you to sell your apps through App Store, and you can make money with each download. Now do a simple math – what if you charge $1 from each user, and only 0.01% of total Android users download your app? Okk, let me first tell you, there are 1.4 billion Android users in the world.

Now do this simple calculation.

$1×0.01%x1,400,000,000 = $140,000

This is your earning, when you expect only one in 10,000 Android users download your app. If you have something better to offer, you could be the next WhatsApp.

A simple Android app can be the next million-dollar company, if you know how to implement it properly.

And yes, there is your earning from Google Play Store. They pay you for your ad revenue. So even if you have a free-to-use app, you can still make money.

Reason 6 – Penetrate in Different Devices:

By the time you are reading this post, more than 1.4 billion Android devices have been sold across the world. This means, there are around 1.4 billion people using Android apps, through different devices, including Smartphones, Smart Watches, Smart TV, Tablets, Camera, VoIP Phones, Video Games, Music Players, Drones, and much more.

Each device has its unique features and functionalities, which means, one app supporting a device may not necessarily support other devices. This also means there will be a constant requirement of a dedicated app for that particular gadget. Now, this creates immense opportunity for you, as an Android app developer, to do something good without thinking an original idea. You may just modify an existing app to make it supportive for some other device.

Reason 7 – Be Out-of-the-Box:

This point will continue with point-6. Most of the Android developers out there are seasoned with creating apps for Android Smartphones. But as said previously, Android is for much more than just mobile gadgets. If you can become someone who is an expert in developing apps for something other than just Smartphones, let’s say Drones, you have immense opportunities in your career. Companies love hiring those who are experts of something special. Being out-of-the-box is something that can be easily achieved when you Learn Android Development given its multiple abilities.

Reason 8 – Gradual Learning and Growth:

The first version of Android, namely Android 1.0, was released in September 2008. Since then, we have seen 13 revisions up to the current version 6.0.1. This means, the OS has been updated 13 times in just 8 years, or almost twice a year. Each version comes with some new features which a developer has to remain updated with.

If you are an Android developer, you have all the reasons to update yourself with the latest version, more than your Smartphone. This gives your career new boom as you keep learning new things and keep boosting your skills.

Reason 9 – You can be an Independent Developer:

Even if you are not interested in pursuing your career as an Android developer in a company, you have many opportunities. You may easily become an independent developer by creating your own apps and making money through the ways explained above. Alternatively, you may seek some personal clients through some reputed Freelancing websites. There are thousands of jobs for freelance Android developers giving them all freedom and money they desire.

Android Freelancer Demand

Reason 10 – It Gives you a Social Status:

As a technical graduate, you have the option of going for web development or mobile app development (in primary aspect, if you want to be a programmer). As stated before, web development has become the tale of the last year. The present time is ruled by Smartphones and future will be ruled by other smart gadgets running on Android OS.
This means, if you Learn Android Development and are an Android developer, you have all the reasons to feel proud of yourself. You will have a secured job paying you huge checks month-after-month, and you will have that status-quo to show off. You will have the respect amongst your buddies, in your company, and at your home.

Bonus Point – You have the Most Secured Job:

Android developers are amongst the most demanded professionals in IT industry, and thus are least fired professionals. As a web developer, you may lose your job for any reason or may stuck with your salaries after a certain level. But there is no such case if you are an Android developer. There is job guarantee, there is job security, and there is constant job growth. Only sky is the limit for you.

Learn Android Development

So all set to rule the world? I am sure you have started thinking about your first Android app. But wait, here is something you will have to do before you jump into this unseen sea. Learn Android Development first. Join XtreemHeights, the most recognized Android training institute in Jaipur. If you have any confusion about whether or not this will be a good decision for you, read these 10 reasons again. Or feel free to post your queries in comment section below.

Happy Learning – Happy Earning…


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