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10 Easy Steps to Make Money from your App

So you have worked hard and created a useful and appealing app and now you want to make money from app, but this is just the journey half travelled. What is the use of an app if people cannot find it on the app stores? It will remain undiscoverable, and no one is going to use it. Apparently, your dream of changing millions of lives and making million dollars from your app will remain a dream only.

Here comes into act the App Store Optimization, or ASO, that helps you in making your app easily discoverable and giving you more downloads on your app. Similar to Search Engine Optimization which is done to increase online presence of your website in search engines, ASO is performed to improve the presence of your app in app stores. And the process is quite similar to SEO, in terms of efforts and also the results, as it takes some time to show the results.

As we all know, the mobile app industry is dominated by two big players, namely Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. And both the players have their own repositories namely Google Play Store and App Store respectively. Having millions of apps and thousands of new apps being created, more than 90% of the apps on these app stores remain undiscovered by users, getting less than a thousand downloads.

Now remember a rule of thumb – if there are multiple apps with same title or feature, the app store executes a complicated algorithm to rank an app when a user search for it. The algorithm consists of many factors, including the number of downloads, reviews, ratings, and details provided with the app. Clear enough, more downloads result into more reviews and possibly higher ratings (at least, you will have people to rate your app), which means, having more downloads will ensure your app will keep dominating the search results.

More Downloads High Ranking

Now getting those downloads is no rocket science. All you need to do is taking care of a few factors. Here are top-10 effective ways to get more downloads on your app and making it easily discoverable:

1. Keyword Optimization:

As I said earlier, ASO is quite similar to SEO, and keywords are the soul of SEO. Apparently, keyword optimization plays a crucial role in determining your application’s search presence.

Keyword Optimization in Apps

Before you start adding keywords to your app, do proper keyword research. Find out what keywords people use to find app like yours. Apple’s App Store allows you to add 100 characters and Google Play allows you to add up to 4000 characters as keywords. Use these characters very carefully.

Keyword Optimization Tips:

  • Do not include spaces between your keywords. For instance, if you want to add three keywords i.e. kids, racing and game, add them as “kids,racing,game”.
  • Always use plural terms for your keywords, and avoid using singular words for same keywords.
  • Prefer registering two smaller words instead of one long word. For instance, ‘lock’ and ‘help’ are better than ‘locksmith’.
  • Google Keyword Planner is a great resource to find suitable keywords for your app. Make use of it.

2. Pick a Short & Relevant Title:

Have you ever wondered why some of the most popular apps have very short titles which has now become a buzz word? Apps like WhatsApp does not require any introduction or description. But what if the name was “Easy Messaging App”. I am sure the app could not be able to gain so much popularity.

App Title Optimization

This is the trick. While naming your app, give it a title which is short, attractive and describes itself. However, it is a great idea to use your focus keyword in the title of your app, but this should not go on the cost of the simplicity and attractiveness of the title.

3. Be Descriptive:

Now it’s time to tell people what your app is about. You have a description field where you are required to provide a brief description of your app. Play with your words, be careful and write something that catches the eyeballs of people right away. The first two lines of the description must convey what your app is about and what people will get from it. Also, make sure to include your important keywords in the description field as it will make your app easily searchable.

4. Select Proper Category:

There are hundreds of categories available on App Stores, and your app may fit in some of those. But it is important to identify your primary category. Placing your app in right category is way too important as the category is shown with the app. If you miss this feature, people may avoid downloading your app even after they find it.

Category Wise App Stats

Again, each category has its respective pros and cons. For instance, the ‘Social’ category have more searches and may bring more traffic to your app, but it will be hard for you to rank in this category. On the other hand, a category like ‘Lifestyle’ would be easy to rank but will deliver lesser number of people to your app. Therefore, it is important to select your category wisely.

5. Visual Appeal:

How an app works and how it will help you can only be determined after someone downloads the app, but what attracts before that is the visual appeal. If an app is highly valuable and beneficial but looks bad, no one going to give it a try. On the other hand, a useless app with great visual appeal will catch the eyes right away and people will download, no matter if they uninstall it just after that.

Visual Appeal in Apps

Stats show that around 62% users consider the visual appeal of an app. These are also the user who end up downloading a beautiful looking app when they find multiple recommendations. Applications with a better visual appeal gets 15% more downloads than ordinary looking apps. And as said before, more downloads will convert into higher ranking for your app. So what should be your primary focus? Apparently, a harmonious blend of quality and visual appeal. But it’s quite important to give your app that visual appeal that forces people to download it.

Make a creative logo, use graphics carefully and choose the colors wisely. In fact, your visuals may help you describe your app easily. For instance, WhatsApp has a simple logo containing a message icon with a call icon in it. The logo simply describes that it’s a messaging and calling app. Use something like that and you will get that “Beauty Benefit” in your favor.

6. Spread the Words:

Don’t sit relying upon App Stores to promote your app, and don’t just rely upon App stores to get more viewers for your app. There are many more ways of promoting your app, both online and offline. Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter have herds of people eyeing on an app of their interest. Use this benefit. Search engines like Google can also be a great place to find more downloaders and people generally search for an app on search engines, and in return, search engines give them the app store link to your app.

Referral Program in Apps

7. Start Referral Program:

61% people download an app just because a friend or family member is using it. What about asking those people to spread words about you? Ask your users to refer your app to their friends, and offer them something special on each successful referral. Studies show that referral programs are the most effective way of viral marketing. Through referral marketing, you may get thousands of new downloads every single day, because this type of marketing strategy has limitless possibilities.

8. More Reviews:

Now when you start getting some downloads by following above mentioned methods, it’s time to ask your users for a favor. Provide your users with an easy-to-use approach to rate review your app. It is never a bad idea to ask them to review you, because a loyal user will never find it bad to give a thumb up to what he likes.

High Rating High Ranking

App Stores love reviews, and apps with higher number of reviews and higher ratings are always given preference over those with few reviews.

9. Monitor Your Progress:

And with a few thousand downloads in your hand, it’s the time to keeping a close eye on your progress. Check the stats on a regular basis and find the loopholes if any exist. Sometimes, people may drop off from your app just because it has some minor bug. It’s your responsibility to fix those issues before they become a huge trouble. Remember one thing – no app is in its final version. Apps keep updating, and those apps that keep updating are highly cherished by users. So keep a close eye on how your app is performing and keep improving to provide your users with best experience.

10. Celebrate your Success:

Congratulations! Your app has become a big hit. You can easily make money from app because you have a fixed source of earning putting millions of dollars in your pocket month-after-month. Now this is the time for celebration. Feel proud of being an owner of one such app, and feel proud of touching millions of lives.

But this all will happen only if you know how to make a mobile app. And if you don’t, join XtreemHeights. We are the leading iPhone and Android training institute in Jaipur preparing the students to make such big applications.


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