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PHP Training in Jaipur

This is the time of boom in Information Technology and Jaipur is the huge market for PHP developers. Though it is said that taking a job in this competitive market is tough, but PHP developer requirements in the industry never end. If you don’t keep yourself updated with market needs, then competitors will leave you behind. Before the time runs, we at XtreemHeights are here to provide you best PHP training in Jaipur to get jobs just after your graduation.

At XtreemHeights being the prominent PHP Training Institute in Jaipur offers training in PHP to make you fit for a job and sustain in corporate industry.  We are career oriented PHP training company in Jaipur with a guarantee of 100% placement assistance. We have expert faculties for both languages and framework. The training includes knowledge of PHP, MySQL, and jQuery, along with HTML and CSS. From initial to advance level concepts, we are expert in teaching all mental level students.

PHP Training Course Structure:

Our PHP coaching center in Jaipur enfolds the basic level PHP to high-level PHP. We also teach HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, basic Web Designing, Databases, etc., and finally allow you to work on real time projects. The students will be asked to submit a project at the end of training. For the best performance students, will be required to give separate tests for all modules and final test at the end of training.

Adept Trainers in minimum fee:

We understand the student concerns so provide certified trainers and developers who are ready to solve all your queries and aid you in all types of programming difficulties. Our trainers have more than 5 years of experience and ensure to serve both theoretical and practical training. It is a surety that there will be no regrets once you join XtreemHeights, a platform for learning as per industry needs.

Schedule for Training:

The institute remains open between the timing 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, and there will be 3 hours of learning. In these 3-hour training classes, one hour is reserved for theory and 2 hours are for practical learning where we will teach you how to work on real-life projects.

PHP Training Certificate:

No worries, we will provide you certified training in PHP and valid for all companies. It will helpful in your interviews and serve you as a helping hand.

Guaranteed Job Assistance:

XtreemHeights avails you 100% Assistance for Job once your training is complete. We have tied-up with various leading software companies of Jaipur, Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and other cities, where get a chance to appear for an interview with a special recommendation from XtreemHeights. We are proud to have a record of 100% placement in past years.

Don’t waste your time in thinking much? Enroll Now with XtreemHeights for best PHP Training and give your career the perfect start. Get yourself enrolled before the batches are filled!


Module 1 [Fundamentals]
  • Software Engineering
  • Basics of Designing
  • Experience with Android SDK
  • Web Programming
  • SQL Queries
  • OOPS
Module 2 [Static Website Designing(HTML & CSS)]
    • HTML
      • HTML Elements
      • HTML Tags
      • HTML Anchor Tag
      • Images
      • HTML List
      • HTML Table
      • HTML Form
      • HTML Events
      • Div and Span
    • CSS
      • CSS Selector
      • Applying CSS – Internal, External, Inline
      • CSS Background
      • CSS Classes and ID
      • CSS Pseudo-Classes
    • JavaScript
      • JS variables
      • JS statements
      • JS operators
      • JS comparisons
      • JS if-else
      • JS switch
      • JS functions
    • JQuery
      • Basic idea about JQuery
      • Advantages of using j-query
      • Simple but essential application of JQuery
      • JQuery File Upload
      • Creating picture slider with JQuery
      • JQuery light-box
      • Submitting forms with help of JQuery
      • Form validation using JQuery
Exam based on the above topics (HTML, CSS, JS, JQ)
Module 3 [Learning the Language]
  • Introduction to PHP
  • PHP with Web Design
  • PHP Syntax
  • Variables in PHP
  • Expressions
  • PHP Operators
  • Conditions, Events and Flows
  • Loops
  • PHP Functions
  • PHP Arrays
  • String Functions
  • Date and Time Functions
  • PHP Include File
  • HTTP Protocol
  • Header Function
Exam On PHP
Module 4 [Database Connectivity]
  • PHP & MySQL
  • MySQL Database and Queries
  • Connection to MySQL Database
  • Creating database and Tables in MySQL
  • MySQL Data Types
  • Database Terminology
  • PHP MySQL Insert into
  • PHP MySQL Select
  • PHP MySQL Where Clause
  • PHP MySQL Order by Keyword
  • Difference Between Group by and Order By
  • Joins
  • PHP MySQL Update
  • PHP MySQL Delete Form
  • Normalization
  • Encryption & Securities
Exam On MySQL
Module 5 [Applicability to Industry Standards]
  • PHP with MVC Architecture
  • OOPS Concepts
  • File System and the Server
  • String Manipulation and Regular
  • Expression
  • PHP Sessions and Cookies
  • PHP File Handling
  • Files and Directory Access
  • Reuse Code
  • Handling Emails
  • Ajax
  • Email and Security
  • Joins
  • XML
  • Photo upload – single and bulk upload in PHP
  • Excel file upload in PHP
  • PDF generation
  • Facebook login integration
  • Basic website security like how to prevent SQL Injection
Module 6 [PHP Practical Examples]
  • Creating user login form using Database
  • Creating Registration form using Database
  • Search Module
  • Creating Administrator for Websites
  • Min Options in Administrator – Using Login, Registration, Authentication, Search, Edit & update & Delete Users & Data, Changing Content Dynamically
  • Real-time Project
  • Seminar Presentation on Information Search and Analysis
Module 7 [Applicability to Industrial Projects]
  • Shopping Cart
  • Embedding PHP Code into HTML Pages
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Product Catalogue
Final Project Submission Final Exam

Why Choose Us for PHP Training Classes in Jaipur

  • Course modules are prepared by Expert from our web development company
  • Professional Faculty with boost able Experience in Development and Training
  • All latest updated technologies as per real-time project requirements
  • Guaranteed Real-time concepts for each topic
  • Study material for all modules and practical real-time assignments
  • Best Lab Facility with All software’s and Lab Assistance
  • 100% Placements Assistance. We have good track record of placements
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  • 80 Hours of Learning
  • 2 Months
  • 1 Live Project
  • Training Certificate
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